Split EP w/ Kodiak [2015]

by Satellites on Parade, Kodiak

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Split EP with Kodiak. Recorded and produced by Sean Small in Manassas, VA.


released January 15, 2015

Produced & Mastered by Sean Small
Artwork by Aaron Ryder & Sarah Miller
All songs written and recorded by Satellites on Parade & Kodiak



all rights reserved


Satellites on Parade Manassas, Virginia

Satellites on Parade is an American Post-hardcore band from the Virginia suburb of Manassas, formed in late 2008. Their debut, "Lady, You Shot Me," was independently released in July 2010. After a year of touring the Virginia, DC & Maryland area, the group took temporary hiatus. The band has since regrouped and have returned with their sophomore release"Miles" in 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Dreamers
I’ve had enough, growing rough around the edges of my eyes
It’s a mask that I’ve recovered from time to time
Faking a smile, in denial about this withering disguise
There are those still admire victimless crimes

I tried my best to achieve all that you wanted from me
But all I hear is an echo from these voices shouting

This whole damn nation’s grieving silently alone we’ve lost all
Communication cutting ties with every horror we’ve been shown
If I would’ve known – we all were born inside a broken home
If I could’ve seen – the other side may not just be a dream

I’ve disappeared, travelled years upon this long and winding road
It’s a path that I’ve discovered paved in gold
God knows I tried, putting pride aside for everything I know
This twine is growing tired as I let go

You had a chance to make yourself something
Now look around it was all for nothing
Track Name: Beats Me
The ash is burning in my lungs, I'm suffocating
In keeping my tongue tied I'm losing feeling

I've been saving something under my own
skin me down to find where I begin
Your broken bones are the trophies of my fist and now

The hours surround us
Learning now just what we're running from
A sign that you can't ignore
We're heading in the wrong direction
The morning around us
Higher than I've ever been before
Won't someone turn this plane around?
This is the curtain call, even the highest fall

Come tomorrow we’ll both be in our crypt
I've been saving something you won't soon forget

And in this light I’ll show you all my scars
I’ll sink your teeth in the ground
And watch you choke on them

Breathe in slow, dare my soul
Track Name: Circles
Time is like a river now washing away my life like a ghost out to sea
To see who they left behind, my mind is facing the principles, the invisible
People that used to be real

I’ve been tearing the walls down for you, I’ve been haunting
The ship is done, our day has come, nowhere to run, the well has run dry
This is wrong

The waves roar and the water will mirror the Atlantic sky
The ocean will swell and begin to die and no one was left to see why
My body will pay the price for the lessons that I learned in life
Track Name: Long Winter [Kodiak]
A picture's what you make it
All our little secrets painted blankness
A smile brought the rot of our dead cheeks
The look on the pale horses face
The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, and as I stare my eyes begin to trace

The site of empty space that's replaced my father's arms.
If anything is left of anyone call it a work of art
Oh, the canon of pain, a masterpiece to a god, balancing act at the end of the world, his art nouveau

A dry heaven or wet hell defines who you are
There's nothing left of anyone, this is a work of art
You're my work of art
You will die young, modeled after misery.
You stand in a still life, drawn into the shadow of this long winter's peace

There's no way to see through the snow and trees, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I can sleep
Track Name: Loveslinger [Kodiak]
There's branches in my head pumping blood through nooses tied to them I've strung up my heart with everything I've thought
This is the world, or what I've made of it
I've shot so many holes in the script
When I came home my girl was long gone
But soon I heard my siren song
Oh, the things I've seen

Rock and roll, drag me back and have your way with me
You're curled in your blanket of dirt
There are bugs in your skin
And it's not becoming being fond of the dead
Love haunts me at night, but it won't come back to bed
Love haunts me at night, don't repeat what it said
There's branches in my head pumping blood through nooses tied to them I've strung up my heart with everything I've thought
This is the world, I had to put an end to it
I've shot so many holes in the script
We are innocent, or so we told ourselves
The whispers in my ears have turned to spells
That dirty love that you've been guilty of
And where your fingers grip the wrinkled bed sheets
I watch you melt

From lusting roots, grows a hollow tree
Sprouting arms and hands between the leaves
Things crawl from their bed and into my dreams
There I turned into the worst thing you'd seen
I watch you melt
Track Name: Locomotives vs You [Kodiak]
Motionless, gestures of closed fists amidst fatigue
Something to jump start me
Don't hand me hammers and nails aimed for my own to fucking feet
Some will surrender a piece of mind
Like a turncoat ambition, hand in that failure, I love to drown
Oh god, cross out our eyes

Exhausted in the mouth, behind some tired teeth
Have I evolved that despondence to being eaten alive
It's every man for himself as the ship goes down
We drag our anchors, while contempt for my captain breeds
I have known that the captain was me
Who would have known that his captive was me, it was me
I will die on my feet before I get caught up in a net chased down and gut

Do you feel those empty thoughts in the back of your wandering mind
The train has left, the ship has sailed, I've missed my ride
My foot is caught in the tie, the crowd is in motion
I've lost track of the time, I need to ride into the sun
You're putting your life on the line

My foot is caught in the tie, the crows is in motion
I've lost track of the time, I'm just too far gone
So boy, you got some shoes to fill
Let adrenaline feed that appetite
Find the waves and grooves

A train of thoughts is coming to run over you
Never fall in love with all the dirt in you, I know I won't